Welcome to the website-blog of the MTRG (Mediterranean Trout Research Group), the means by which we want to involve the public interested in our mission: to protect the native trout and the aquatic habitats in which they swim.

This tool is not only a carrier to promote the activities of our research group.  We deepen the aspects of conservationist, biological and recreational interest about the themes gravitating around the universe of ichthyology and aquatic ecosystems, through the inputs coming from the world of scientific research, administrations and fishermen.

The articles of the blog are informative, with the aim of turning the gaze in the direction of what is happening around the world, about the conservation of native species and collaboration between administrations, institutions and resources’ users.

So much is moving. The MTRG is in the forefront  and want to involve more and more enthusiasts, because the world of native salmonids and aquatic ecosystems is not only our profession, but also our passion.

A passion that soon became a common mission: to protect the native trout.